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Presumed Guilty! A sword that cuts both ways.

Gitana Productions presents
By Lee Patton Chiles

Returning to the Missouri History Museum as part of the

American Arts Experience St. Louis
8:00 PM Friday, October 2, 2015
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An original play of hope and healing, exploring the assumptions that all
young black men are dangerous, and that all cops are bad.Gitana Black And Blue Photos
Meet the cast and crew including professional and community actors. >>
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Here is what people are saying about Black and Blue!

Gitana Production's "Black and Blue" is a thought provoking, well-acted and strongly worded play that stirs discussion in an attempt to create a fuller, more varied and nuanced understanding of racial conflict, not only in St. Louis but across America.

The impact and message of the show is enhanced by the presence of rap artist and spoken word performer Dyce. The songs and verses he adds to the production are inspiring, filled with energy and convincing, politically charged rhymes that reach across color, age and gender barriers and embrace the reality we face with a sense of purpose and hope.

The resulting show, buoyed by genuine, committed performances from the ensemble cast, is both emotionally and intellectually effective storytelling. Though the characters are representations, they are an accumulation of the stories and reports surrounding the events in Ferguson, MO. Tina Farmer, Theater Critic, KDHX

The entire cast was fantastic… Black and Blue showcased a wide variety of opinions and perspectives had by St. Louisans related to racial issues, the Michael Brown Jr. case, and the racial tension, protests, and riots that followed. The play also featured spoken word and rap by actor, singer, and songwriter Dyce, which added a refreshing and unexpected treat for audiences to enjoy. Caprice, Blogger, iamuniquelyspecial.blogspot.com
“Black and Blue as presented by Gitana, was more than just theater. Through the play. accompanying panel discussions and related programming..Gitana achieved its mission of creating a safe and vibrant space for multicultural conversation and healing through the arts.”
Kenya Vaughn, St. Louis American Newspaper

Audience Survey Results

Over 925 performance surveys were completed by audience members--the highest number in our 18 year history for:

Overall Quality of the Performance? 90% Excellent 10% Good
Would You Recommend this performance to others? 94% Yes 5% Maybe
What was the value of this play to the community? 91% Extremely Valuable 8% Valuable

Gitana in the News:
Pastor Willis Johnson and Cecilia discuss how theater and dialogue can be a source of reflection and healing in St. Louis after Ferguson.
Patton Chiles and Cecilia Nadal Gitana Productions Interview St. Louis Public Radoio   Cecilia Nadal, producer and Lee Patton Chiles, playwright discuss approach to BLACK AND BLUE...SEE FULL STORY  
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