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Presumed Guilty! A sword that cuts both ways.

Gitana Productions presents Two Important Plays in October/November

Black and Blue returns and New World begins!
(see below for more information on New World)

By Lee Patton Chiles

An original play of hope and healing, exploring the assumptions that all
young black men are dangerous, and that all cops are bad.
Gitana Black And Blue Photos
Meet the cast and crew including professional and community actors. >>

BLACK AND BLUE will conduct a third tour in May/June 2016. For booking information call
314-721-6556 or email info@gitana-inc.org

Audience Survey Results
Over 1045 performance surveys were completed by audience members--the highest number in our 18 year history! Here are the results!

Overall Quality of the Performance? 94% Excellent 5% Good
Would You Recommend this performance to others? 97% Yes 5% Maybe
What was the value of this play to the community? 95% Extremely Valuable 5% Valuable

Read More about Black and Blue >>

In partnership with the Center for Survivors of Torture and War Trauma
Gitana Presents

By Lee Patton Chiles
Directed by Vivian Anderson Watt

A one-act play about three refugee women from Afghanistan, Bosnia and the Republic of the Congo. They come to St. Louis where they hope to create a new world by healing their old world wounds.

The performances of actors Jeanitta Perkins, Jessica Alvarado and Sheri Gonzalez are stunning and moving. Audience members at both venues demonstrated their feelings for this play with standing ovations. Here are two responses that reflect the general comments made about the play:

"We see Bosnian and Afghan women all the time and have no idea what they have been through and how hard it is for them to leave one world and come to another. The 3 actresses were unbelievable in their portrayal of these women. Most of the people sitting next to me were so moved that they wanted to know what they could do to help, to be more supportive to act now that they knew the truth...what an education!"

"Thank you for that opportunity! It really changed my mind on different aspects regarding refugees. The New World presentation… Oh my gosh… I was speechless. I was aware about refugees problems but I was not that aware of their traumas. I saw another dimension of their problem, much deeper."

Bookings starting in February 2016 

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